When cycling east of the east Ukraine you don’t have a big choice which road to take because there is only one road and this one is unfortunatelly the highway M4, in Germany we would call it an Autobahn. It pretty much features everthing that isn’t fun to cycle: it’s loud, it’s ugly, it’s quite dangerous, it’s dirty, it feels like smoking two pack of cigarettes per day, there is no shadow at all and the street is just straight going up and down all the time. I could see the planes makeing the same circle around the eastern Ukrain that I did. So, thanks for the experience but next time I’d probably hop on a truck and skip this, I had lots of offers because the truck drivers were as bored as I was.

Nevertheless I had some nice encounters along the road. I found out that whenever people asked if I’m carrying a guitar in that bag and I offered to play a song they were so super happy and thankful that I believe it was worth the effort.


Also I realized that since Russia is not changing the clocks to summertime anymore the sun rises at 4.30am and sets already around 8pm which made me set the alarm to some stupid early time just to avoid the biggest heat.