After a cold week in Poland, amazing (and lots of) food, a concert with a naked lady on stage and a few angry cats I finally made it to L’viv. Apparently it is not possible to cross the border in Korczowa by bike so I had to hitch hike 300 meters with my bike through the passport control and now I’m here – Hooray и УРА!


A funny thing in former Soviet countries is that instead of a simple sign with the name of the city you can find big statues showing the name in sort of 3D typography. I think the rule is: the bigger the town the bigger the statue. But then again some very small towns seemed to have a spare truck of concrete.

straight road ukraine

another thing about post soviet countries is that sometimes you get the feeling that the ministry of road planning just didn’t give shit about topography and just connected two points with a ruler. It doesn’t matter when you’re in a car and the gas is cheap anyways.

trabi rooftop lviv

Lviv has a lot of bars, and unlike Berlin (which has of course even more bars) they are all different. This Trabi is standing on the roof of a 6-storey bar.

lviv jiguli

Lviv is a very friendly city with very friendly people. Here’s my private tour guide and an ancient soviet car

ukraine gravel road pond

A road with a car when finally the rain had stopped.