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This blog is about touring the world with a bicycle and a guitar.

Countries crossed:

Poland Ukraine #1 Romania Moldova Ukraine #2 Russia Georgia Armenia
Iran Kazakhstan #1 Uzbekistan Kazakhstan #2 Kirgystan Kazakhstan #3
China #1 -Xinjiang China #2 – Gansu/Qinghai China #3 – Sichuan/Yunnan Vietnam Laos Thailand Malaysia Singapore Australia #1 – Northern Territory Australia #2 – South Australia/Victoria New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

The cycling part was over but my mission was not accomplished yet. From Melbourne I flew to New Zealand to record an album with all the songs I had written along the way.

Australia #2 – South Australia/Victoria

Arriving at the border to South Australia I had to admit that headwind, poor food and the resulting tiredness had made me much slower than I expected and that if I didn’t want to miss my flight in Melbourne I would either have to skip a bit of the road or it would become a real drag.

Australia #1 – Northern Territory

During my time in Australia I realized, that Australians, particularly the 95% living in the south east, talking about their country and its different parts tend to forget the Northern Territory as if it wasn’t a real part of Australia. And this is why the Northern Territory will get its own chapter here in my blog, I hope that won’t hurt any Aussie’s feelings and if it will, so be it.


The Singapore border welcomes you with a forest of prohibition signs. Don’t smoke, don’t get of your bike, don’t drive to fast, out of the line of in the wrong line. And of course there’s a massive fine if you break a rule. I was afraid I would get checked


So, here I am in Malaysia and back in the Muslim world. Not that there hasn’t been a mixture of religions around, especially Muslims in southern Thailand but the difference is which religion the government prioritizes. 


My first impression of Thailand was that it was spectacularly unspectacular. Flat, hot and light traffic on pretty well maintained roads – perfect cycling conditions and I got back to my old European speed. 


Crossing the border to Laos I was reminded that in Laos everything might not be in best order when the border police asked to pay all kinds of made up stuff, among other things they asked me to pay for the entrance stamp which is obviously a scam but what can you do? They must be really bored up there spending their whole time thinking about how to rip of people. But it was already getting dark and since I didn’t want to camp on some unexploded ordnance dump near the border I payed my extra 9$ and didn’t say goodbye.


Vietnam seemed to me like a sweet version of China, the people are nice and they haven’t built everything up with skyscrapers and motorways. And there are tourists! At least on my first day after a long an fairly steep climb to Sa Pa. After that I didn’t see any more foreigners.

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