After two weeks of bad weather I’m happy to get my first sunburn in Romania. The dogs are actually more civilized than I was afraid and it feels good to be back in the European Union, even though it’s just for one day.

rumania wild camping

This is on the very short Rumanien leg of the road to Odessa. And I think this campspot deserves mentioning, although it’s an artificial lake and as usual artificial lakes look much nicer on a photo. Right next to the lake and recorded a song, here it comes!

I just had to do this, since crazy dogs seem to be about to disappear. But a few of them are left without manners. So, I’m uploading this as an evidence for the hate of dogs towards cyclists while my bottom bracket gets replaced in Iași, Romania. I hope you enjoy. I love Romania!

bike shop Iasi

And then my bottom bracket suddenly died. I made it to the next little town called Iasi and this guy in his perfectly equipped shop had the exact part in stock and replaced it staight away. In Berlin they wouldn’t even sell me a chain without looking at my old bike and telling me that I should really buy a new one.

rumania sunshine

As good as new, bye bye Rumania!