moldova well

This is in Moldova. In Moldova there’s a lot of these wells and you have to crank to get your bucket of water. The water tastes significantly different on every well. The further up the hill the better it tastes, I guess the fertilizers are not my cup of tea.
moldova well 2

It’s been pretty empty on the Moldovan Road but here in the capital Chisinau there’s finally people! Very nice people actually, I spend the night on the couch of the drummer of the amazing Stoner Rock Band Till The Last Drop, check them out.

till the last drop rehearsal

It’s a real pain though to cycle in this city especially at night as due to a late snow storm in April lots of trees party fell down and cut the electricity. Now half the city lighting doesn’t work which is tricky when the roads are steep and there’s lots of holes in them.

rumania road walnuts

Along the road south of Chisinau are only growing walnut trees. I have no ideas what they do with all the walnuts.


In the south west of Moldova lies a small separatist region of Moldova called Pridnistria or defacto internationally unrecognised state called Transnistria, depending from which side of the curtain you’re watching. If I read it correct, they declared themselfes indepent from Moldova before Moldova declared themself independent from the Soviet Union, that’s why technically they are still a part of the Soviet Union. But don’t quote me on this if you are a troll. Anyways, I had the honour to spend 24 hours in this little part of whatever country with their own money, their own flag and of course Lenin streets and statues.

Road are much better than in the rest of Moldova but it’s also less traffic. I made a little Video cycling into Tiraspol, note that this is the main road of the capital. I hope you can see a little bit of the soviet influence and it is not too shakey. I was also a bit afraid to film because you’re not suppose to make pictures of any military facility any there’s so much military everywhere, but I didn’t have any problems.