I took a train to Samarkand in Uzbekistan to speed up a bit and to get to the other side of Turkmenistan. There you have some great medieval islamic architecture but I didn’t feel like staying long. After all the waiting for the Turkmen Visa I felt like getting back on the bike.

uzbekistan money

One bizarre thing about Uzbekistan is the money. Each of these bills is worth around 0.15 Euro, so if you change 20$ at one of the guys with the big black plastic bags you end up with a huge pile of paper. No chance to fit it into a wallet.

sheep uzbekistan

A group of sheep somewhere in Uzbekistan.

breakfast uzbekistan

This is after a breakfast concert along the road in Uzbekistan between Samarkand and Tashkent.

mini bus uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is proud about having their own car factory. This mini bus is very popular, it is actually mini but they still manage to squeeze an impressive amount of Uzbeks into it.