dusty road in Kazakhstan

After Tashkent I went back to Kazakhstan. As a first sign of autumn the nights are getting already cold and in the evening the smell of coal is in the air.

straw stacked in a truck in Kazakhstan

Impressive how they managed to pile up all the straw on that truck. I never saw how they did it and I’m afraid this knowledge might one day get lost. Future generations will puzzle over it like today we’re puzzling about how they once managed to build the pyramids of Gizeh. Just upside down.

A herd of sheep near the Tian Shen mountain range
Tian Shen mountains
Tian Shen Mountains Kazakhstan
Shepherd on a horse in southern Kazakhstan

At one point some mountains are showing up on the right side, they’re part of the Tian Shan Mountainrange that further south turns into the Pamir Mountains and even further into the Himalayas.

Steppe in southern Kazakhstan

The Kazakhstan steppe is one giant campground with a starlit sky at night. I finally understood why it’s called the milky way because here it’s actually a white ribbon across the sky among a million stars.

A tree and a bicycle steppe in  Kazakhstan

My brave bike. Still running like a charm after almost 8000km. For cooking I went back to the Neanderthaler method: stones and wood. So, I always need a tree around.