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cannabis kyrgyztan

This is after the border to Kyrgystan. I’ve already heard that Cannabis is growing there along the road and I can verify that. I also heard that it’s bad weed and you get headache from it. I can’t verify it. Kyrgystan drivers are just driving too reckless for any experiments like that.

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Kazakhstan #2

kazakhstan evening

After Tashkent I went back to Kazakhstan. As a first sign of autumn the nights are getting already cold and in the evening the smell of coal is in the air.

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I took a train to Samarkand in Uzbekistan to speed up a bit and to get to the other side of Turkmenistan. There you have some great medieval islamic architecture but I didn’t feel like staying long. After all the waiting for the Turkmen Visa I felt like getting back on the bike.

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Kazakhstan #1

Arriving in Aktau, Kazakhstan back on the Caspian Sea I realized that after putting my bike back together it wasn’t in such a good state at all. If you haven’t changed your chain for 6000km you don’t have to do it anymore.

camp salt lake

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iran speed limit

Arriving in Iran I was a bit overwhelmed by the big interest people suddenly had in two sweaty and dirty idiots on their bicycles.

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Cycling in a group is very nice especially when you encounter the first annoyance of visa policy as at least you have someone to share your cluelessness with.

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caucasus 1

Georgian welcomes you with a pretty exhausting climb up to the mountain pass at 2400m. Fortunately  there are many possibilities to have a break and take a photo.

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Entering the largest country of the world I realized it’s not only very large it’s also very empty. Or maybe all Russians were on holidays, no offence either way but this emptiness reminded me of Brandenburg.

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Ukraine #2


From Tiraspol to Odessa it’s not far but you would have to exit staight to Ukraine without getting a Moldovan exit stamp in your passport. So, to avoid any trouble with the Moldovan immigration police in the future and because I like walnut trees I took a little detour back to Moldovan officially controlled territory and got my Moldovan exit stamp in the very south where Moldova is only 2 kilometers away from the black sea.

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