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Kazakhstan #1

Arriving in Aktau, Kazakhstan back on the Caspian Sea I realized that after putting my bike back together it wasn’t in such a good state at all. If you haven’t changed your chain for 6000km you don’t have to do it anymore.

camp salt lake

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iran speed limit

Arriving in Iran I was a bit overwhelmed by the big interest people suddenly had in two sweaty and dirty idiots on their bicycles.

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Cycling in a group is very nice especially when you encounter the first annoyance of visa policy as at least you have someone to share your cluelessness with.

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caucasus 1

Georgian welcomes you with a pretty exhausting climb up to the mountain pass at 2400m. Fortunately  there are many possibilities to have a break and take a photo.

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Entering the largest country of the world I realized it’s not only very large it’s also very empty. Or maybe all Russians were on holidays, no offence either way but this emptiness reminded me of Brandenburg.

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Ukraine #2


From Tiraspol to Odessa it’s not far but you would have to exit staight to Ukraine without getting a Moldovan exit stamp in your passport. So, to avoid any trouble with the Moldovan immigration police in the future and because I like walnut trees I took a little detour back to Moldovan officially controlled territory and got my Moldovan exit stamp in the very south where Moldova is only 2 kilometers away from the black sea.

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moldova well

This is in Moldova. In Moldova there’s a lot of these wells and you have to crank to get your bucket of water. The water tastes significantly different on every well. The further up the hill the better it tastes, I guess the fertilizers are not my cup of tea.

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After two weeks of bad weather I’m happy to get my first sunburn in Romania. The dogs are actually more civilized than I was afraid and it feels good to be back in the European Union, even though it’s just for one day.

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Ukraine #1

After a cold week in Poland, amazing (and lots of) food, a concert with a naked lady on stage and a few angry cats I finally made it to L’viv.

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